Monday, November 11, 2013

"Patrick's 35th Birthday……"

How in the world can my oldest son be 35???!!!  Truly, it seems unbelievable to me.

Patrick, Julie, and Abigail drove up to our house to celebrate his birthday with us.  We were very fortunate that last Friday, November 8th (his actual birthday), was bright and beautiful!  One of the first things he wanted to do upon arrival, was to go and check out Don's tree stand.  He'd helped us raise it the week before, but hadn't been able to stay until it was secured to the tree.  He, and his sidekick, Abigail, immediately climbed up and into the stand.  I missed this because I was too slow in getting outside, but Abigail seems to have no fear when she is with her Daddy and climbed up the ladder like a little monkey climbs trees.  :)

After climbing down from the tree stand, we all headed inside, where Abigail tried on this Halloween mask that Peggy, a friend from when I worked on Mackinac Island (the Summer of 1972!), had sent us.  Yes, it went home with Abigail.  ;)

Asking Patrick what he wanted for his birthday dinner was like pulling teeth.  He finally told me he likes lasagna, or chili…..that was all I could get out of him.  Lasagna was what we had for the Julie and Abigail's birthday dinner, so chili it was!  The BIG surprise was his birthday dessert!  I had made him Frozen Strawberry Pie, using a recipe that I had gotten from my Mom, who had been given the recipe from her cousin, Jill.  My Mom used to make this "Grandkids Favorite" all the time.  I thought it pretty darn cool that when I told him I had made something special for his dessert, he waited until he saw what utensils were set out after dinner, then guessed the dessert was FROZEN STRAWBERRY PIE!!!!  The boy is good!  ;)  Do you think this look on his face shows his true feelings about this dessert?  LOL

We enjoyed their visit very much and look forward to seeing them again soon.  We LOVE living closer to them!  ;)

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