Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Matcha Tea……"

Don and I went to the "Tea 101" class at Light of Day Organic Tea Farm last Saturday.  We're also scheduled to take their "Tea Wellness" class in the next few weeks.  I believe I had mentioned in an earlier post that this is Michigan's only tea farm?  We're very fortunate to live nearby…..

We bought and are trying their "Matcha" green tea, mixing it in soy milk and pineapple juice.  I believe it is the only tea that is meant to be totally ingested and not steeped, and I must say that in this mixture, it is quite tasty!

Down the hatch!

We are interested in seeing if the proclaimed health benefits will help us, too.  ;)  Only one way to find out, eh?  Here is the link to their site where you can read more about Matcha, too.


Finn Felton said...

How does Matcha taste like? I'm very eager to drink it because I have been hearing good things about this beverage.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak

Barb said...

Fantastic! I'll be interested to hear your impressions after using it for awhile. Oh, and if your beard turns green you might want to take a break! ;-)