Monday, December 2, 2013

"Thanksgiving 2013"

Don and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Claire came up from Chicago, Patrick, Julie, and Abigail came from their home outside of Brethren, and my sister, Sandy, drove up from Benton Harbor.  It was partially an early Christmas celebration, too, since Patrick, Julie, and Abigail will be going over to the Thumb to visit Julie's family for Christmas.

Sandy found this little CD player for Abigail with heavy plastic CD's that are easy for her to handle and are not fragile.  I believe that the discs are all Disney related since everyone on the logo is a Disney Princess.  :)

Abigail loves her Aunt Claire!  She follows her around everywhere and they do everything is VERY cool to watch.  ;)

All of us have been trying to talk Sandy into getting some sort of a computer, but as yet, we haven't been successful.  I had her sit down and use my iPad, which I am happy to say, she navigated around on quite well.  Hopefully, every step taken to help acclimate her with computers will get her closer to actually purchasing one for herself.  Patrick was her tech support much of the time.  ;)

Abigail came into the kitchen with me to get a little snack of cheese to help hold her until dinnertime.  Yoda came along, too, in hopes of me dropping a few pieces his way.  :)

Abigail was a busy girl!  Walking around and/or dancing while playing her CD's, sitting with Claire and drawing on Claire's iPad, helping me in the kitchen, or sitting with Mom Julie and coloring.......

Dinnertime arrived and we all sat down to eat.  We did justice to the meal.  ;)

After dinner and dessert (and being way too full!), Claire gave Abigail one of her Christmas presents that she had brought. knowing she'd not see her at Christmas time when she comes back for another visit.  This one involved Princess jewelry!  :)

Yes, Abigail enjoyed becoming "dazzling" in her new jewels.

As did Aunt Claire.  :)

All too soon it was time for Patrick, Julie, Abigail, and Sandy to leave.  Sandy was spending the night at the kids house and it was soon going to be bedtime for little Miss Abigail.  I think I can safely say that we all had an enjoyable day.  ;)


Bernard said...

Wow. A couple of beautiful pics there; Abigail is very photogenic. The one of Abigail and Yoda puts a big smile on my face. Golly that's a great pic. The one of Abigail the princess is stunning.

julie said...

We all had a great time and have enjoyed the leftovers! Abigail loves her gifts, she often listens to the cds in bed before she sleeps. We can't wait to see your Christmas tree!