Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Setting Up The Christmas Tree!"

Don and I decided to set the Christmas tree next to the front porch door.  This is our first Christmas in this house and we had a couple of possible places in the great room, but decided this was the best one.  Don moved the computer into the main floor bedroom to provide the space for the tree.  As you can see, Copper is very excited about all this.......NOT!   LOL

I carefully "fluffed" each branch before setting it into place......

Making my way higher and higher......

Until it was fully assembled.

Then it was Dons turn to take over.  He is "The Man" for stringing the lights.

The job usually takes awhile........working at it on and off, but, in my opinion, it is definitely worth the wait.

He finished hanging the lights last night.

Sam, our parakeet is now back next to the tree, and as you can see, I'm settled in for the evening.  Tomorrow, I will get the ornaments out and trim the tree!  YEA!!!!  Christmas time is here!

Don took several photos from various angles around the house so I thought I would post a few of them, too.

"Ralphie's House" from "Christmas Story" sits up on the loft railing.........

Which provided an interesting photo opportunity.

This one of my favorite photos because it includes a view of the burning wood stove, too.

After I finish trimming the tree, I will write another post showing it in all its glory and perhaps include some photos taken from outside, looking in, too.  ;)


Nan Talley said...

Tree is beautiful. It is too bad that Copper is so excited!

dc said...

Did Copper ever wake up?