Monday, December 23, 2013

"Baked Donuts......"

I wanted to try baking donuts after reading a blog post about them on King Arthur's Blog (  I was lacking a donut pan though, a fact which Don and I remedied last Wednesday night when downtown in Traverse City, purchasing one at the kitchen shop, Peppercorn (

I baked a dozen donuts to put into Patrick and Julie's Christmas gift basket, but get this, I have no idea as to how they tasted!!!!  I baked them Friday afternoon, the day when they were coming to celebrate Christmas with us (they're driving over to visit Julie's family in the Thumb for Christmas), and I didn't get them finished until the kids had already arrived!  I had to discretely bag them and carry them to the walk in closet where I had their gift basket stored, not being able to sample one beforehand!  LOL  "Hopefully", the kids will give me a critique on how good they were.  :)

I did manage to get a photo of them in the early stages of cooling.  They came out perfectly shaped (if I do say so myself) so I will have to try another batch that I can taste!  LOL

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