Monday, December 30, 2013

"Don's New Snowshoes....."

When Patrick, Julie, and Abigail came up to our house to celebrate Christmas, Patrick had put all of their snowshoes into the car so that Don could give them a try.  Abigail's were brought because she couldn't be left out and so that she could show her Grandpa's how they fit.  :)  Don tried both Patrick and Julie's and got a pretty good idea as to what length he felt most comfortable wearing.

After Christmas, we went to "Back Country North" ( to have a look at what they had.  We were fortunate to have asked Eric, one of their sales associates, to help us.  He was extremely knowledgeable and much so that Don was able to try on and make a decision as to what he wanted to purchase.  He chose a model, the Ascent, made by MSR (, plus gaiters, and poles.

The following day, he put his gear on and headed out into the woods.  :)

Copper was there for support, but she did not go for a hike with him.

All set and ready to head out......

He took off out our driveway......

Then turned into the woods along one of trails he has been hiking on daily.  By the time I got there to take a photo, you could just barely see his back (he is at the pointed end of the horizontal branch on top of the pile).

He came back a couple of hours later, exhausted but very happy.  :)

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Barb said...

Go Don! So pleased to see him enjoying winter.