Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Felting Class....."

A few weeks ago, I took a felting class from the Human Nature School ( in Traverse City.  One of the instructors, Chelsea, took and emailed a few photos taken during the class.

Here I am pulling apart wool roving and layering it onto a stocking cap form.  We were to have about 4 layers of roving before we added hot soapy water and agitated it with our hands, rubbing the wool fibers together to felt them.

This is my "cap" at the end of the class. It was a bit thin in places and I think I should have had thicker, or more layers of roving, to get a firmer resulting "felted" fabric.

After letting it dry at home, I tried it on and of course, Don was there to document this momentous occasion.  ;)  I have a couple of ideas as to what I may look like...........either a greying "Old St. Nick".........or a "Dwarf look-a-like", although much taller.  ;)  This was my first time felting wool in this way and I am very glad the class was offered so I could experience this technique.  Who knows where this will lead, eh?  ;)


Bernard said...

Very cool!

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

I think ya look like a gnome..... tee hee! I am back to blogging again, hope to see you checking out my blog too.

Karen and Steve
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Barb said...

Definitely gnome. Not such a bad thing really, they live to be VERY old!