Friday, January 3, 2014

"My First Woven Piece in Interlochen......"

I have been working down in the fiber room, formerly the family room, organizing the equipment and supplies, and finally moved forward with a small woven piece.  I still have to tie up the treadles on my floor loom but I wanted to get weaving once again, so decided to measure out some warp for my Ashford Table Loom and weave a scarf.

I have to say that having been away from weaving since last Fall, due to preparing for our move to Michigan, it was really, really nice getting back to it.  My plan was to use 2 different skeins of sock yarn that I had dyed, one for the warp and another for the weft.  Here is the warp, which has a rather "bright" green in it.  My hope was that it would be seen but toned down when woven because I find it a bit too "neon" like.  ;)

The warp wound on the looms back warp beam......

Threaded through the heddles.......

Threaded through beater, tied on, and ready to begin weaving the scarf.

Here is one of the 2 spools of the other skein of sock yarn that I planned on using as the weft.

I began weaving the body of the scarf 6" from where the warp was spread out evenly.  Those warp ends would be twisted into a fringe.

As you can see, my gradual change in color pattern wasn't smooth, but in a couple of places, rather "jarringly noticeable".  I'd forgotten that when I had wound the weft sock yarn onto 2 cones back in Madison, one for each sock (who knows how long ago), I wound them so that they would match as a pair of socks by winding them so the darkest dyed yarn would be used for the toe end of the sock.  When winding the yarn from the 2 larger cones onto my shuttles bobbins (5 from each cone, used randomly), I didn't pay attention until it was too late, thus some "jarring" changes in color pattern.  It happened a couple of times, so it is somewhat consistent enough to be considered part of the "plan", but actually is a "happy accident", a term my weaving instructor, Helmi Moulton (Western Michigan University) once used.  :)



KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Great project! Saw an article in Handwoven a couple years back about using the patterned sock yarns in weaving. Nice!

and LOVE how you clamp your warping board to the stand for easy access winding while sitting down.... you are a Smart Cookie!
Karen and Steve
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msvos said...

Love the scarf. It's just beautiful. I have an 24" Ashford 8-shaft that I just bought off of another weaver. I'm really enjoying it. I too love how you clamp your warping board to the stand. I don't have the stand yet, but if/when I do, it's great to know that I have this option! Your Lilla looks great as well! Stay warm up there - Laurie

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Barb said...

LOVE the colors!