Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Twisting the Fringe....."

I wove another scarf using some of my hand dyed sock yarn but didn't remember to take any photos of it until I had already removed it from the loom and completely twisted the fringe on one end.  I hope that a few photos of how I twist the end fringe might make a somewhat interesting post for those who have never done it or seen it done?  If I am doing something incorrectly, or if there is another way, perhaps my fiber friends will give me some suggestions?

I clamp the end of the scarf down to my desk, leaving the hem stitched end exposed.

This time I chose to use 4 warp ends, 2 sets of 2, to twist together.....other times I have used all 4 warp ends separately.

After twisting each pair approximately 40 times, they were ready to be carefully released and twisted the opposite direction, which twists/joins them into one stronger piece of fringe.

The end is knotted and this fringe piece is complete.

I chose to use the 2 sets of 2 because each strand of warp is on either side of a hem stitch and when twisted, locks in the hem stitch and last woven strand of my weft quite tightly.  Now on to another set!

The finished scarf.  I definitely have to come up with a better way to take "completed" photos.  I know natural light would help, but for that, I will have to make myself emerge from my basement fiber studio. ;)


Bernard said...

That's a beautiful scarf. I love the colors. Fringe twisting pics are indeed helpful--I haven't done that yet and seeing how you secure the scarf to the edge of the table is instructional indeed. Nice job!

Me and My Dog ...and My RV said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors and the twisted ends. Now we need a photo of it being modeled. Good job!!! :)

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Your scarf looks great!

I twist a little different than you do, I do the first part of twisting, then I carefully unhook them and tie the knot first.... loosely. Then I let the whole thing wrap back on itself, and tighten the knot up at the exact point I want it to land, using a ruler to be sure all my knots are in a row.

Probably the same results as yours, but I never accidentally drop one side when letting them twist on themselves if there is a knot already holding them.

dc said...

Only a man would think about using clamps like that. I love it, always learn something from your fiber posts. Good weather to be in the bacement weaving! But that loft area would be awesome

KatoWi said...

Hey! This is my scarf!! Love it and thanks again for thinking of me!