Sunday, July 8, 2007

"The Ride and More...."

Don's latest training ride took us to New Glarus, WI, home of New Glarus Brewing Company, who makes Spotted Cow Beer, along with various other brews. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, New Glarus did not allow dogs in their city park. I got there early to check out the park and found that I had to keep on looking in order to find us a spot where we could enjoy our picnic lunch. I backtracked along the route (Highway O) that Don would be taking into town and found a seemingly little used park not far from downtown. We had it all to ourselves and found it to be the perfect place for us, with a shady spot under a tree, a refreshing breeze, a good view of the countryside, and being there, allowed Copper to remain off leash.

There also was a large barn on the property that was in the process of being renovated. In the center of the park, it had what looked like a small stage, although it also seemed like it had not been used in a fairly long time.

Back on Gregory Street, work continued on Vince's garage. The building crew came back that morning, constructed the forms that would be filled later that same day with concrete, forming the walls of his garage.

That mornings "supervisors" ( Dave-man, Rob, and Bill) leaving the construction site. :)

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