Friday, July 20, 2007

"The Finished Bed......"

Here is the completed planting. After tearing out all of the plants in the old bed, the soil........ using the term "soil" loosely, was in a word, terrible. I certainly understand now the persons reason for adding the cement paver's to build up the bed in order to add improved soil to plant into. I re-dug it the best I could, replanting some of the original plants, added a Hosta from the side of the house, and some of the impatiens, which I started from seed in the greenhouse this spring. Hopefully with the help of the cedar mulch, everything will grow and thrive again. Some Miracle Grow fertilizer will help as well, until I can get some more organic matter into the soil/bed.

We moved the lamp post and attached to to the step railing. It isn't the final solution, but it will do for now. With the old iron fencing taken down when the deck was built, and now the lamp post moved to a higher place, the space has really opened up. We are both happy with the results.

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