Sunday, July 29, 2007

"The Merrimac Ferry...."

Don took a photograph of all his "techie" things on his recumbent. Notice his new GPS, which I think has almost given him as much pleasure checking on his position while walking to work or riding in the car, as while riding his bike! :) He is totally set up with his iPod and speakers, too. Has a car got anything on this setup (other than cover during rain)? It even has "air conditioning"! LOL
His ride yesterday (Saturday) was to the Merrimac Ferry, going through beautiful countryside along the way. He is that small dot in the distance on the road coming down the hill. :)

Here he is coasting down another hill (as if you can really see him in this size photo, eh?). He actually is almost dead center of the photo where the crops meet the darkness of the wooded area. I'm showing photos of him coasting down hills.....lest you all forget, there is the ride to get UP to the top of the hill, prior to the coasting down. Trust me......some very STEEP inclines!!! :)

Again, we have the "history" part of the blog. :) This was the destination of yesterday's ride.

And here is the Merrimac ferry loading up vehicles/passengers for the trip across the Wisconsin River. There is no charge for taking the ferry......nice, eh? :)

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Barbara said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the shot of the gadgets. Don was telling us all about them at lunch on Friday. It's nice to have a visual.

And thanks for the history lessons! I'm really enjoying the signs. You are doing a great job with the photos. love the ferry, but never stopped to learn the history. Andrew and Kim (the girlfriend) took the ferry on Saturday on their way to Parfrey's Glen.

Oh and btw, Sarah and I remember going to Aztalan as school children. Fun!

Have a good day, Barb