Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Andy's refurbishing/remodeling........"

Andy bought another house (basically in our neighborhood, but down 1 street) that will become a rental unit (actually tomorrow!), but had work to do in/on it before his renters moved into it. He, along with Rob and some others, completely painted the interior, added new light fixtures, redid the stairwell (so that one wouldn't hit their head each time they ascended/descended), partially redid the bathroom, is in the process of reflooring the front porch, and eventually plans to add a laundry room/bathroom into the breezeway area, between the house and 2 car garage. Nice color, eh? :)

I like the house very much. I affectionately call it "The Grandma House".

They also took out a lot of the overgrown vegetation around it as well, including 2 huge Spruce trees that had taken over the sidewalk leading to the street. I hope that the new renters are amiable people and become a part of our impromptu "gatherings".

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j a r e d said...

Hi Mike,
Jared from BrooklynTweed. Blogger wouldn't give me your e-mail so I thought I'd pop over and comment.

The hat pattern in the portrait of Luigi is an original. It will be published this winter in Interweave's Holiday Issue. It'll work with any worsted weight and is a great hat! Keep your eyes peeled! And thanks for dropping by.