Monday, July 2, 2007

"Happy Hour...."

As many of your reading this know, there is normally a "Happy Hour" on our deck every Friday afternoon/evening. This past Friday was no exception, but we did have more friends show up than usual, which was a very nice surprise. Barb and Geoff (on the right) came because Barb had read my blog that morning, which ended with "Come join us!". Happily, she took that to heart, and they joined us that night. :) Rob (on the left) must have been making a very important point, with Anna making one simultaneously. :)Charlie and Lonny have taught Jillian to "High Five". She is such a smart girl.....and so sweet, too. Of course, Charlie is too, although I was referring to Jillian! :)
We were also joined by Anna's brother Mitch, his wife Heather, her parents, Gail and John, who are visiting from New York state. They are all very nice people and we were very happy that they were able to join us as well. Now.......a truly, truly amazing thing! When Gail and Don were talking (since Don is from NY originally, too), Don somehow mentioned his sister Heather and where she had gone to college. Gail, it turns out went there as well and knew who Heather was!!!! Is this a small world or what???? The name Heather was fairly rare "back in the day" when we all were young, and she liked the name so much, that she and John named their daughter, Heather, who later became Mitch's wife, thus bringing us full circle to last Friday night. :)

Geoff, Andy, Jillian, and Charlie. See what I mean about how sweet Jillian is? :)
Could this be considered "Dog Abuse"? Abuse because they are letting Jillian drink a few drops of beer, or because there isn't much left in the bottle???? She absolutely LOVES beer!

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