Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunday.....THE HOT ONE!"

Don and I were on our way down Briar Hill to check out the work being done at Andy's newly purchased rental, when we stopped to see Anna, who was out in her side yard. She had just purchased a yarn "ball winder" from eBay and was trying it out. Smart, thrifty, and environmentally conscious that she is, she buys super soft sweaters inexpensively and then takes them apart for the wool so that she can knit the yarn into something else. In this photo, you can see the ball winder on the table, along with some yarn already in ball form.

She and Don are sitting on hammocks that are a recent addition to their yard as well. The posts are cedar logs that they had gotten when taking down some trees from Anna's parents farm outside of La Crosse, WI. They also used some of the cedar logs for their raised garden along the back of the garage. Talk about recycling, eh? :)

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