Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Evansville, WI...."

Some may say it is a strange place to have a picnic lunch, but the cemetery outside of Evansville worked really well for us. Copper was able to be left off leash (although she stays close to us no matter where we are), there was a nice breeze, and of course, shade. When I walked around through the entry to take this photo, I saw the little box with the "rules for the cemetery" in it. Fortunately, I hadn't read it earlier.............. "dogs were not allowed".

The cemetery has some very old grave markers. Unfortunately, many had been broken, although it looked as though there had been some progress in restoring them to their original shapes.

I had to take a small detour around the construction, but Don was able to ride right on through. The entire Main Street was torn up and it looked as though some of the buildings were in the midst of being restored, too. Evansville had been one of Don's destinations last summer, while training for the ride to Traverse City, MI, but following the route took us basically straight through town and we didn't see a lot of the older residential area. With my having to detour a few blocks, I was able to see more of the beautiful historic homes of the town.

I took this photo just outside of the town. I thought it was a beautiful view, although I am sure the photo doesn't do it justice. I learned something yesterday about "blogger". Don showed me that if you click on a photo in the blog, it enlarges it in another window. This would be a good one to do that to. :) I went back to my last entry and clicked on the ones where Don was barely visible while coasting down hills, and he shows up in the enlarged version!!!! :)

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