Friday, July 13, 2007

"Nice Surprise!"

We had a very nice surprise last night after dinner. I had gone out to put away the hose and was on the side of the house when I heard Don talking to someone out front. He called for me to come up there and to my delighted surprise, Amy and Tim were here with the twins, Sam and Lilly! It seems I am usually in Michigan when they make a surprise visit......... fortunately, I wasn't this time! It was so good to see all of them. Both twins are very sociable and not afraid of being held by others. Lilly is a petite little girl, while Sam is becoming quite robust and growing faster. It is hard to believe they were born almost a year ago! Tim and Amy both look great, too. They seem like very laid back parents, which I think is the way to go. :) I did scare Amy when she handed me Sam and he tilted sideways like he was about to fall, but he was in good hands (even if I do say so myself). :)

Tim with Lilly........gorgeous big, blue eyes, eh? :)

Amy in the background holding Sam (Check out all that red hair!), with Mary, holding Lilly, and Made, neighbors from across the street. They shared a lot line with Tim and Amy before they moved to the "burbs". We're hoping that they also make a move back to the neighborhood. If we could only get Andy to sell that empty lot........... ;)


Amy said...

It was great seeing you too. I like your nice subtle hint. Peer pressure might be a good thing. :-)

Angela said...

The peer pressure may end up working ;)