Monday, July 9, 2007

"The Felted Cowboy Hat...."

To say that I was a little disappointed in the cowboy hat after felting it, would be an understatement. The yarn I used was Lamb's Pride, which I liked working with , but I do not like it for felting. It comes out of the washer VERY fuzzy, and in this case, making the hat look like a "pimp" hat. Don and I, of course, must have models for it, so that it is shown in it's best light? LOL Angela was the first "victim".
Followed by Andy........
And then by Anna.........
My plan is to re-felt it to tighten up the form and hopefully thin it afterwards by stretching it. Right now, it seems too bulky and loose. I think I would have been more pleased with the hat if I had used Cascade 220 yarn for it, rather than the Lamb's Pride. I have used Cascade many times and like the look of it much better.

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Amy said...

Hahahaha....catch breath...hahahaha.

What great models. Especailly Copper.