Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Gardening and Roofing...."

I worked outside along the driveway yesterday . The garden bed between the driveway's cement wall and the concrete steps needed some attention. The side along the driveway had been built up in order to put more soil into this area, using 6"x 12" concrete "paver's". They hardly showed anymore because of the Pachysandra and ferns growth, and because of all that good growth, the roots were pushing the paver's out. I decided that it was an accident waiting to happen and took matters into my own hands by removing the paver's, along with some of the soil, in order to redo the area. It is a very steep slope but I am hoping that when the area is completely planted again and mulched, it will hold and not become an erosion problem.

I also removed the pole lamp (which was not held in place by anything other than soil), which Don and I attached to the lower post at the bottom of the deck stairs. After completing the planting and mulching of the area, I will post a "finished" photograph.

Work began on Bridgett's house yesterday, too. She is having her roof replaced. So much is going on in the neighborhood! :)

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