Thursday, July 26, 2007

"A Surprise" and "Sunday's Training Ride...."

First and foremost, I want to tell you of a very happy surprise that Don and I received on Tuesday night. Sara and Travis, our former neighbors, came by with their 2 greyhounds and wonderful news!!!!! They didn't even have to tell us because it was evident! :) Yes, Sara is pregnant! The baby (a boy) is due the end of August. We are so happy for them. This is such an exciting time in their lives, as many of us know/remember. We wish them all the best!

Now, back to our mundane life (totally untrue). :) As mentioned in yesterday's blog, Don went on another of his bike training rides Sunday. This time, he was able to do the full ride that he had intended to do the week before, riding to Lake Mills and back, via Cambridge. Copper and I, of course, met him at various places to give him refreshments, and to check on his progress. We had also packed a picnic and stopped just outside of Lake Mills, at the Aztalan State Park for lunch. More history that neither of us knew about, or I should say, that I didn't know about. Don might have been aware of it, but had never been there. As in yesterday's blog, I thought it would serve better to include the information sign, rather than just write about it.

Don, with one of the platform mounds in the background, prior to his ride home.

Don, at our picnic spot, with the park entrance in the far background group of trees. It is an extremely small state park (at least compared to others I have been in), although very nice. The picnic areas were well shaded, which made it a great spot for our picnic, since it was pretty warm that day.

Copper, in the car prior to our trip home. I try to make it as comfortable as possible for her when I haul her around on our jaunts, by bringing one of her beds, chew bones, and of course, PIGS EARS! I do let her out at some of the places we stop so that she can explore and "go", too. :)

Another of the platforms.......

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