Monday, July 16, 2007

"A Funny Guy....."

Ahhhhh Rob..........he IS a funny guy. As I mentioned in my last post, Andy partially redid the bathroom of the new rental house that he had bought. This is the "throne" which was moved out of the way while some of the work was being done in the room. If you know either Rob or Don, you'll also know this was a setting/scenario they couldn't pass up. :)

Don and I went to the "Art Fair on the Square" yesterday. It is the annual art fair that is held on Capitol's square. It is a huge event and is attended by thousands each year. We went specifically to look for a potter from whom we had bought mugs last year. They have become our "weekend" mugs and wanted 2 more to make life simpler. Luckily, we found him again and were able to make our purchase. This time we also took one of his business cards in case we want some other pieces of his work. Although he is not a local potter (we would like to support local artists, if possible), coming all the way from Sarasota, FL, we find his work to fit our hands comfortably, and think his pieces are functional but beautifully shaped as well. (I can't tell you how many mugs we have "tried out" in our time together....)

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