Monday, January 30, 2012

"A Twill Sampler....."

I decided to begin weaving a few samplers to give me some experience outside of plain weave/tabby. After weaving the twill scarf/runner, I figured I'd continue with variations of twill. So....using my new book that Don had given me for Christmas, the Handweaver's Pattern Directory, by Anne Dixon, I began my experimenting.

Using the threading as seen drawn on my notes, I had 9 variations to work with.....this page of 3 and 6 more on the following 2 pages, each one using a different treadle sequence.

The next 2 pages of possibilities, each using a different treadle sequence.

I was also able to try out a new method of weaving in the beginning header. I had dressed the table loom the day before reading about this new method on one of my Yahoo weaving groups. Since I'd not gotten too far with my weaving, I decided to un-weave what little I had done, plus the old header, then redid it using the new method. It worked perfectly! I had parallel warp threads, at the correct width, in 6 picks! 6 picks!! Fantastic! My thanks to Laura Fry for sharing her method. Here is the link to her method:

A closer view to the new header and the beginning of my sampler. The darker area at the beginning of the weaving is hem stitched, which locks in the warp/weft threads, so I won't have to do anything to the ends after cutting the sampler from the loom.

Don took this photo as I began another variation in treadle sequence, which would give me a new pattern.

The finished sampler, also hem stitched on the other end, in white this time. I've really not woven too many samplers. The only ones previously were from workshops. It took me a bit of weaving and a couple of variations, before realizing I should separate and tag each one after completing them. This was made clear by the larger space at the bottom of the weaving, which also is a somewhat confused area. The beginning was controlled then I became confused and have no idea what I was doing. :) After floundering a bit, I ended that section and began again.

I've decided to continue my weaving/practice with another sampler. The next few pages in my book call for a different threading, and give 6 variations of treadle sequences. I will measure out a long warp this time that will give me enough to weave numerous samplers. Each one will be woven similar to the 1st one, using its particular threading, hem stitched, and cut off, so that I will be able to begin anew and re-thread for the next. This will save me from having to measure out another warp and wind it onto the warp beam.

In my earlier post about adding more heddles to the back 4 shafts of my table loom, my hope had been to try using all 8 shafts. I took a closer look at that goal and figured I should know more about what 4 shafts can do before I get into using 8 shafts. We'll see how long this "practicality" lasts, eh? ;)


Nan said...

Looking good! keep up the good work!

dc said...

Hate to sound dumb but explain what a pick is please. you mentioned 6 picks. ?? I love the sampler, I should probably try that so I can get a feel for the different patterns and how to get them. I loved the idea of the float warp thread and plan to use that. Missed my weaving class today due to my Quilting club mtg. Besides my sister brought a BD cake for me :)