Friday, January 20, 2012

"January's Crank In......."

Our local circular sock machine group usually gathers monthly at Madison's Hawthorne Branch Library, but it seems that in January, the room used by the group is never available. Barbara, one of the organizing members, for the past couple of years, has offered to host the group in her home, which is located outside of Mineral Point, WI.

I was able to attend the gathering this year. Last year, I made it as far as the other side of Verona, which is just outside and southwest of Madison, before I decided to turn around due to the weather. That was not a problem this year. The day dawned bright and beautiful and we only had a small amount of snow on the ground.

I stopped and took this photo of her home, which as you can see, is nestled in it's own small, shallow valley.....a truly beautiful setting.

Inside I found some of the regulars, hard at work already, and set up in various areas of the house. At one end of the dining room, 3 stations had been set up. Renice and Martha are at their machines and busily working. A side note, at this gathering, we were also celebrating a couple of birthdays, Martha's being one.

Another 2 work stations were at the other end of the dining room. Here is Pat, taking a break from her machine. Pat is the other birthday celebrant, and because of this, she caused another reason to celebrate.......perhaps the biggest reason. Her retirement! Her last day at work had been the day before our gathering! Oh Happy Day! ;)

The last work station area had 3 set up to work. Here is Ingrid being productive. The other members of the group were all upstairs, having a tour of Barbara's studio area.....which is where I headed after taking these photos.

The attic of this huge old farmhouse is Barbara's studio. She has a number of interests. She is a seamstress, a flat bed knitter, and a circular sock machine knitter. I took this photo from one end of the area, standing between 2 windows. This area held her computer and bookshelves full of resource material. In the center area, is her large table for laying out material, and to the sides, "in the wings", are more storage areas.

The third room, and this photo was taken with me by the window, is her knitting room. She has 5 flatbed knitting machines, and 2 circular sock machines. I, of course, am green with envy. What a space! To have all of your yarns at your finger tips.....AND arranged by color, truly "this" fiber addicts dream come true. ;)

We had a wonderful day at Barbara's. She is a gracious hostess and everyone felt very welcome and at home. Thank you Barbara!

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dc said...

Wow, she takes fiber addict to an all new level! What a deal. Now do I see socks coming soon to your blog?