Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Pendleton Wool Blanket Selvage Rugs......

Even though I haven't completely finished the rugs by hemming the ends, I was so anxious to take photos of them and show you how the selvage wove up. With a little over 5#'s of selvage, this rug ended up being 4 foot long after taking it off the loom and not being under tension. On the loom, it measured longer, so there is quite a bit of take up.....perhaps as much as 8-9 inches, "if" I measured correctly. A sturdy, very cushy, 3' x 4' rug though. :)

Selvage #2 gets weighed. These 2 balls, together, weighed in close to 7#'s.

The first ball of selvage that I worked with had quite a few long, loose strands. Here I am removing them, although I'm not sure that it would have made any difference to have just left them alone and woven them in. You also can see in this photo the end of rug #1, the "Jazz String" spacer, and the hem of rug #2.

Some of selvage #2 woven and more loose strand removal. ;)

This photo gives a good close up view of the selvage. This one has equal length fringe sticking out from the sewn middle. This may make more sense if you look closely at the blue & yellow selvage at the bottom, near center of the photo, as it makes the turn at the end of the warp.

Here is the finished woven rug......although I have to sew/hem the ends yet. Truthfully, I don't think these photos do the rugs justice. Using all of the almost 7#'s of selvage, this 3' wide rug ended up being 5' 7" off the loom.

Don took this photo using just natural light. The colors really look quite cool due to the light, but they are very warm and vibrant.

I still have 2 more Pendleton Wool Blanket selvages to weave. Stay tuned! ;)


Maniphone said...

Beautiful rugs! I'm in need of a 3X4 rug ;)

Nan said...

I absolutely LOVE those rugs!

Barb said...

I LOVE these! I want to discuss a barter or purchase. Seriously, can I commission one??

dc said...

Tell me how you hem the rugs, I always leave a length of warp and tie off knots, leaving the tails. would like to try hemming. And what whoppers you made. Will post my cotton selvage rugs I did this weekend on a post tomorrow.
Keep weaving!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Your rugs are fantastic and I really really like the bright colors on the second one... great blend! That stuff is a mess to work with but sure comes out nice.

Chris Gustin at Homestead Weaver sells it and calls it "Elephant Chennille" LOL

Karen and Steve
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