Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Hotel Red Open House"

Hotel Red ( is a newly opened hotel not far from our house. They had an open house for the "neighbors" a few weeks ago, so off we went to check it out. :)

Jyoti, one of our neighbors from down the hill, works at the front desk. Although not working that day, she was going to meet us at the open house. Here is Don sitting not far from the front desk....Regent Street is behind the front desk......Monroe Street is behind us.......Camp Randall Stadium is across the street from the hotel. Location, location, location. ;)

A view from where we were sitting, through the lobby to the bar.

Yes.......sigh, Don had to take my photo, too.

Lights in the lobby which are kind of cool.

Here I am with of her coworkers took us on a guided tour of the 4 styles of room accommodations they offer. They were all very nice.

I'm sure the hotel will do very well because of its location. The staff, some of whom we met during the open house, were all very friendly and welcoming......a HUGE part of any businesses success.

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