Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Emma's Shrugs....."

My daughter Claire, wrote and asked me a few months ago, if I would be interested in knitting a shrug for her friend Tara. Not for Tara herself, but for Tara's niece, Emma. Emma was only a few months old at the time, and the smallest pattern I have would have been a bit too large for her even by Christmas. I was happy to knit one, but figured I would take the pattern I had and try using a thinner yarn and smaller needles to see if it would work out OK. If it didn't, then it could be a doll shrug, right? ;) I then knitted a shrug following the pattern exactly with the right sized yarn and needles. That is one of the great things about knitting things for babies.....the pieces are so small that it is almost instant gratification because they take so little time to knit. ;) I was pleased with the results. Oh! Double click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can see the buttons. I thought they were pretty cute. ;)

I received an email from Tara yesterday with this photo of Emma wearing the smallest shrug during the Christmas holiday. I am so pleased that she was able to wear the smaller one and now has the larger one to grow into. As you know, babies and young children grow so quickly, it is hard to knit something that they will be able to wear for any length of time. Looks to me like Little Emma is quite the character.....with that cute little grin and twinkle in her eye. You can tell she is quite proud of herself that she is standing up......."all" by herself! ;)


dc said...

How cute, you are a man of many talents!

Molly Bee said...

TOO CUTE! Those buttons are finorkin' adorable. LOVE the sheep!