Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Snow Fun......"

My oldest son, Patrick, and his wife, Julie, each have their own snowmobile. This past weekend was the first time they had enough snow to get them out of the garage. It was also a gorgeous sunny day and great for photos, too. ;)

This is Julie's snowmobile.

And this "pull behind sled" will be Abigail's mode of transportation when she is a little older, or now, for that matter, with her Grandpa, Great Aunt Sandy (my sister), or Julie's family.

But on this beautiful day, she was to ride with Patrick on his snowmobile around their yard. Here they are with Patrick giving her last minute instructions before leaving to go on a nice slow ride. By the way, that is my camper in the background.....their "guesthouse", which has comfortably accommodated both sides of the family.

They live in the Manistee National Forest and have access to snowmobile trails, but for Abigail's first time as a snowmobiler, their yard was just fine........

Julie did an excellent job of photographing the event. ;)

Can't you just hear Patrick telling Abigail to "Get ready to wave to Mommy"!

Unfortunately no wave, probably in hopes they would keep on going.......

Abigail is probably thinking...."Uh Oh.....Here we go again....Mommy with her camera.....maybe if I look bored, then Daddy will take me for another ride". ;)

I'm sure she was not bored by any means, but was ready for more!

My thanks to Julie for posting these photos on Facebook. That sure makes it easy for Grandpa to download them for his own folder of photos. :)

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dc said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the snow, but only like you see there in the yard and trees. We haven't seen a flake here yet. Well maybe we did get a tiny dusting a few weeks ago. Light rain last nite.