Friday, January 27, 2012

"A Little Loom Prep....."

Don took this photo of the colored heddles with the sun streaming through them from the front room windows. The brightness of the sun really does bring out the jewel-like colors.

Some of you may remember my Ashford Table Loom has 8 shafts. So far, I've only been using the front 4, but I want to expand and try a pattern which uses all 8. I also wanted the table loom to be able to weave a particular pattern for kitchen towels, which forced me to move the few heddles I had on the back 4 shafts, onto the front four. Having bought 4 hundred more Texsolv heddles for the back 4 shafts, I went about adding 100 to each shaft, then marked each shafts heddles a different color.

The shafts are quite easy to take off and put back on, as I marked the slot in the Texsolv cord with the color of the heddles that fill each shaft.

Starting with shaft number 8, who's heddles are now marked with dark green, shaft number 7 is brought to the table where I added the heddles and then marked with orange.

Here are all 4 of the shafts ready to go back onto the loom.

All 8 are now on the loom and each with its own color of heddles. Seems I got a bit more carried away when marking the back 4. All the easier to see, eh? ;)

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dc said...

Wow, what a project to tackle. You have a great loom and I am anxious to see the pattern you are going to do.