Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Pendleton Selvage Rugs Re-Visited......"

The Pendleton Wool Blanket Selvage Rugs are FINALLY completed. I wasn't able to use all 4 colors, 1 not having enough to weave a long enough 3' rug, but the other 3 have been hemmed and wet finished.

This rug was the longest of the 3, ending up at 63" long. Don and I are going to actually use this one to hang on the wall, replacing one of my 1st rugs that we hung a few years ago. I was happily surprised to find that as long and bulky as it is, it wasn't hard to hem. Perhaps I'm just getting the hang of hemming rugs, eh? ;)

A close up of my 1st fold over for the hem. The "Jazz String" will be pulled out before I fold over once more and sew across, to complete the hem. There is a bead of Elmer's School Glue along the Jazz String and warp header, which will wash out during the wet finishing process.

Here are all 3 of the completed rugs.

Don couldn't resist lying down on them (they are soft!) and of course, Copper joined him, not being able to resist having someone who will give her attention, especially on her level. ;)

I took this photo of the 3 rugs after they had been machine washed (delicate)and the dryer! I checked care instructions for Pendleton's Wool Blankets on their website, and found they all said "dry clean". I figured that weavers before me have used these selvages and I doubt they "dry cleaned" their selvage rugs, so into the washer they went. Next decision was, do I put them into the dryer, hoping that the selvage wouldn't shrink and loosen the warp, which is a poly cotton, and wouldn't shrink? What helped me decide to put them in the dryer was a comment from another weaver who also belongs to the Ravelry weaving group called "Warped Weavers", who said that she'd seen rugs woven from these selvages before and that they had even "felted" a bit. Wool will felt when it is wet and heat is introduced, so remembering her comment, into the dryer they went. I am so glad I did! They came out somewhat felted and are even more soft and cushy than they were going in! If you'll look closely at the before and after photos, you'll notice less warp showing after wet finishing. The hot dog commercial jingle, "They Plump When You Cook'em", seems to be true for wool selvages, too. ;)

I even made the decision to use one under the computer area where I have since sat barefoot enjoying the feel of the rug. ;)

I will definitely be ordering more of these Pendleton Wool Blanket Selvages. Having looked online at their blankets and seen the many, many color combinations, who knows what could be in my next order? ;)


Nan said...

looking mighty good! Do you have a special sewing machine to hem the edges?

dc said...

the dark one looks like what I had in my batch. I just finished that one.
Had my first class today at the college, woohoo. Will blog about it later today. I love your boldness to wash and dry this wool. Want more info. Wash cycle? cold, warm? downy? I think I want to wash one just to see.

Tara Thayer said...

Can you tell me how I can learn to weave a wool rug? I have the wool selvedge and usually crochet them. I have to learn to weave them so that my wrist can have a break. Any ideas?

MadCityMike said...

Tara.......they were woven on a 40" floor loom. There might be someone in your area who rents and/or gives weaving lessons that would help you.

John Menghini said...

Not sure if you are still weaving but just found your blog regarding Pendleton Blanket selvages. I have tried calling Pendleton but no one there can help. I have a box of the blanket selvages, will be using 8/4 cotton rug warp and would like to know what sett you used. And, should you have any other suggestions/tips you would share I would be very grateful.
Many thanks,

MadCityMike said...

Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by! I used 10 epi on my rugs. After they were off the loom and hemmed, I washed them in cold water, then put them in the dryer on regular dry, which "plumped" them/ felted them somewhat. The selveges make wonderful rugs!