Friday, January 13, 2012

"Never Say Never......"

"At this time" (instead of saying never), I don't plan on processing rag strips this way ever again.

Once I wove using "processed" rags strips when I took the double weave class from Juanita, I realized there was more than just taking scissors to rag strips to cut them down, wind, and weave. After cutting, there is "folding in half" to allow the print to show on both sides of the strip. I thought they had to be ironed (because of the seemingly nicely pressed ones at Juanita's), so prior to receiving my Fraser Rag Cutter, and not having to cut the rags on my 1st coil, I set up another "work station" to iron the rag strips. It wasn't a grueling job, but you can imagine how time consuming it was to iron the entire length on that coil! LOL Do I feel somewhat silly now? Yep! does make a really, really nice rag strip to weave with....... ;)

Thank you Juanita ( Karen ( some "tips" on preparation and weaving with rag strips. :)

Juanita suggested I fold the strip, then wind it into a ball, as seen below. The pressure on the strip should be enough to hold that fold, which in most cases, it did. I do believe that next time I will wrap the strip around a flat piece of cardboard though, instead of winding into a ball. I "fumbled the ball" too many times to count.......

Karen suggested I fold the strip while winding it onto the shuttle, which also worked well, but, I have to admit, neither way was as easy to weave with as my original ironed ones.

So back to the beginning and "at this time"........I don't plan on ever ironing rag strips again, but "if" I need something to do to kill perhaps waiting for a special yarn to arrive in the mail, I now know what I can do to fill that time. ;)


Nan said...

I don't have an iron! Swore off irons about 15 years ago. hehehe BUT I use a steamer. I wonder if that would work...don't see why not.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Another suggestion would be to weave two place mats.... one with ironed strips, and one with just cut and wound on strips. Weave em both up and see what you like.

After all, it is YOU who is making the item, and it's YOUR satisfaction on the finished item that counts, right?

Besides, with all this snow now on the ground, you might as well stay in and weave for the rest of the winter. LOL

dc said...

I like Karen's idea. You might find that all the ironing makes very little difference in the finished product after you hit it with the beater bar a couple times. I was sewing rag strips yesterday and almost consicered ironing a couple of the fabrics, then came to my senses and said naw, it will all come out find when that beater comes down. As long as you like it thats what matters. I think sometimes we are to hard on our selves, ( I think you told me that once. lol)

Mark Huttner said...

Love the progress post...can't wait to see more...and finally the finished project.