Friday, January 6, 2012

"Abigail's First Time Enjoying Snow....."

Abigail was born in October of 2010, so her first winter wasn't one she would have been out enjoying the snow. The area of Michigan where the kids live got their first decent snowfall last Monday.......and they took advantage of it. Julie had the day off and Patrick didn't have to go into work until around noon, so they got Abigail outfitted in her winter gear and headed outside.

Her own single seater sled (throne?). They certainly make them different that the "good ole days", eh? I remember my kids having a wooden, 2 runner sled, with a back.

With that little grin, I think she was enjoying herself.

Mom Julie taking a turn at pulling Abigail around the yard.

Mush Daddy, Mush! Dad Patrick taking his turn at being her pulling power.......

Oops! That looked to be kinda close Dad. Patrick told me on the phone yesterday, that they were going to have to work on teaching her how to "bail" in situations like this. ;)

I'm sure this wasn't following their time out in the fresh air (since Patrick had to go to work), but it looked like it could've been a perfect ending to their morning. :)


Molly Bee said...

She is so adorable and growing so fast! Love the 'bail out' photo!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Now my Chelsea would have called Abigail a WADDLE WADDLE (because of the penguins on her jacket) but it would fit for how well she was bundled up too! LOL

LOVE the last shot. How darling!

Karen and Steve
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dc said...