Thursday, January 19, 2012

"A Couple of Scarves....."

This is another sock yarn scarf. The yarn is from a German company named Lang, and called Jawoll Magic (75% new wool/25% nylon). I saw it at Wisconsin Craft Market, a local craft supply store (, when I'd gone in for another yarn, and it was an impulse purchase. It comes in several color ways....all designated by numbers from what I can tell.
(By the way you local "Craftaholics", if you go to the Wisconsin craft Market website and click on the Madison coupons links, you can print out a 25% off coupon for your entire purchase! It isn't a one time deal either, you can print one out any and every time you plan on going in.)

The semi-completed scarf. I was undecided about twisting or leaving the fringe as is, but have decided to twist the fringe, thus the semi-completed description.

Another sock yarn scarf, this time the yarn is from Knit Picks, from their Stroll collection (75% Merino wool/25% nylon), and called "Kindling Tonal".

This doesn't show the true color due to lighting, but it allows you to see the pattern created by the color variation in the yarn. I plan on twisting the fringe on this scarf, too.

I forgot to mention, both yarns are superwash, so there won't be any shrinkage when washed/dried.


dc said...

It is awesome how a varigated yarn can weave up to look like you worked hard to create a pattern! Maybe I will weave some scarves.

Molly Bee said...

OMGosh! That red scarf is absolutely GORGEOUS!