Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Maxing Out......."

I maxed out my warping board yesterday, measuring a warp for all the samplers I want to weave on my table loom. After sitting down and figuring out how many variations I could weave without too many re-threadings, I came up with about 30 sample weaves......"if" I figured correctly. I guess we'll find out, eh? ;)

Here is the measured warp being wound onto my Ashford 8 Shaft Table Loom. I will only be using 4 shafts for these samplers.

I've never had this much warp on this loom yet. As you can see, I got very close to having too long a warp. Good thing I hadn't put in more warp sticks, eh?

The warp is ready to be threaded for the 1st sampler. In this 1st sampler, I have 6 treadling variations to try using one threading. My plan for the samplers is to hem stitch each one individually, cut them off, then re-thread for the next one. I will, of course, make sure I take photos of the process.

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dc said...

How many yards of warp did you put on? Not grand total but ends length. You were close on this one!