Friday, February 24, 2012

"Valentine's Day at the China Buffet"

The 4 of us drove into Manistee on Valentine's Day to eat at the China Buffet. As those of you who have/had children know, going to a buffet is so much easier when you have a small child along....instant food gratification! No time to sit and get grumpy or fidgety. Plus there are always people moving about for "people watching". ;)

Abigail ate a nice variety of fruits and veggies, and possibly some Chinese creations, too. But the best is, of course, dessert! Here she is taking over her Mom's cup of ice cream.

Mom Julie went and got Abigail an ice cream cone. Boy, did her eyes light up!

I think it was just after I took this photo that the ice cream cone fell into Abigail's lap, disappearing under the table from view, but surprisingly, it didn't land on her clothes and Patrick/Julie were able to pick it up and quickly wipe up the mess on her chair, allowing her to continue to enjoy her cone. As I said, this all happened soon after I took this photo........but I had started taking a video......and got the whole episode recorded! :) Unfortunately, I wasn't successful in trying to load it onto the blog this morning. I tried for over an hour and it wouldn't load.....sigh....there is only so much this guy can do with computer technology. ;)

Things did get a little messier as the cone melted, but with Daddy Patrick's help, most of the dripping was contained. Abigail shares pretty well. ;)

And as melting cones do, the bottom became soggy and it was easier to eat the cone from the bottom up. ;)

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