Thursday, February 16, 2012

"A Trip to Michigan!"

I hadn't visited the kids since last October, when I went over for my granddaughter Abigail's 2nd birthday, so I drove over last Friday to spend a few days with them. They do not have internet at their house, so that is why I haven't written any blog posts since last Thursday.

I found out later that night, that lower SW Michigan had gotten some major lake effect snow after I passed through the area. "Major", as in 18-20"!!! During the heaviest snowfall, they were getting about 4" per hour!

I'd stopped at the rest area upon entering MI, so Copper could get out and stretch, and saw the beginning of what would become a doozy of a storm. Of course, at that time, I had no idea I would be so lucky as to have gotten into MI when I did. A few sporadic snow flakes started floating down as we got back into the car. I'd phoned Don to let him know of our progress and mentioned in passing that a few snow flakes were starting to fall. I did have snow the rest of the way to the kids house (about 4 hours of driving), but nothing unusual for MI. Little did I know what was taking place behind me. ;)

Here is Abigail wearing a few of the things that Grandpa had knitted for her. The hat had been sent over earlier, but I knitted the matching cowl a few weeks ago. This "potato chip scarf" is my 1st attempt at knitting one....following the directions exactly made too short a scarf for Julie, so I "adjusted the pattern" and knit her another. The original one is a perfect size for a child though, so Abigail and Julie now have matching potato chip scarves. :) These things certainly bring out the blue of her eyes, eh? ;)

We decided to go out to dinner that night so we piled into Patrick's truck and went to Trak's, a local bar/restaurant in the village of Brethren, MI.

When we arrived, Abigail saw a little boy pushing pool balls around the pool table, so, of course, she wanted to see what it was all about.......

She was much more interested in taking tiny licks of her honey mustard sauce than dipping her chicken tenders into it.

She's wearing about as much as she has licked.......

Abigail's Dad, and my oldest son, Patrick.

I didn't take into account just how much honey mustard Abigail had on her face when I took this photo.

More photos of my trip to follow......


dc said...

Yes, she sure is blue eyed! Blue will be her favorite color forever! Glad you got snowed in on that side of the snow. We got about 1 to 2 in. in our area, and all gone the next day. That was on Mon.

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