Monday, February 27, 2012

"Valentine's Day Continued......"

After we ate at the China Buffet, we headed back towards Brethren, stopping by the horse farm where the kids ride, to feed the horses some apple slices. All of the horses were out in the pasture, clustered around the hay feeder, but as we walked towards them, a couple came forward to greet us.

Rustling plastic bags means the same to the horses as it does to Copper......FOOD!

Julie was quite popular......

Julie hugging "Cruiser", her mount when she rides.

Patrick and Abigail visiting "Buster", whom Patrick rides when at the farm.

From here, we headed back to their house. It would be my last night visiting, as I was heading home to Madison the following morning. I have a few more photos left to post of my visit. ;)

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Barb said...

Thanks for the great MI tales, Michael. I thought you hadn't been posting and then discovered this morning that your blog somehow got deleted from my subscription list. Sheesh! All better now. :)