Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Last Michigan Visit Post....."

There was one bad experience during my visit in Michigan. Julie had taken their dog to the vet while Abigail was taking her afternoon nap, and I sat quietly reading in the living room. All of a sudden, there was a HUGE BANG and this glass window, which I sat facing, SHATTERED!!!! Can you say "heart stopping"?

I jumped up, ran over to look outside, and this is what I saw. A grouse had flown into the window! Unfortunately, it lay dying of a broken neck as I reached the window.

A few small pieces of glass had fallen to the ground, but most of the shattered window had fallen into the space between the interior glass and the storm window.

I don't remember ever seeing a grouse up close, or for that matter, from a distance either. I have no idea as to why it had been startled and flown into the window. Perhaps it saw its own reflection as an intruder and was flying at it to chase it away? We'll never know.......

Thankfully, Abigail did not wake up through all of this drama. I truly am very surprised about that, as she was sleeping not 10' from this window, inside her room, with the door cracked open a bit. The sound sleep of innocents, eh? :)


dc said...

Awe, what a loss for such a pretty bird. Glad no one was injuried. We get Cardinals and little snow birds hit our windows, most of the time they lay there stunned for a half hour then fly away, but not always. Silly birds.

Molly Bee said...

Poor partridge. My Poppie always told the story of one flying into the driver's window of his car on the Trans Canada highway on the way to St. John NB one time. Said that it sounded like the car had been hit by a cannon!