Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Photos From My Michigan Visit"

I was actually quite good about having my camera with me most of the time during my MI visit. Not only to catch special moments.....but I've got a blog that I want to include photos in! ;)

Here is Copper with one of her "When are we going home?" looks. She enjoys being able to explore the woods outside, but definitely is not used to the commotion that a 2 1/2 year old makes when she is inside the house. ;) I do think, that she missed Morgan, their Chocolate Lab, too, who passed away since our last visit in October. Copper and I took part in raising Morgan when Patrick lived at the cabin with us, then we raised him by ourselves when Patrick worked several seasons in Yellowstone National Park as a Park Ranger. I'm sure there lingered some smell of him which perplexed her by his absence.

On a happier note, Abigail and I had some nice snack times, too. :) Here she is making a start for peeling a "Little Cutie", but that's as far as it went.....she wouldn't eat any, she just liked peeling them. :) She does, however, LOVE her cottage cheese!

Julie was wearing this knitted headband when Abigail showed some interest in trying it on. Another photographic opportunity. ;)

Snack time again. This one began with applesauce.

She also had several phone conversations using an old cell phone the kids gave her. Who she had her little chats with is still unknown, but they seemed interesting and polite. ;)

Oh yes, I still have more of my Michigan trip to share........ ;)


Nan said...

Commotion? Surely not from a 2 1/2 old child! hehehe.....nice pictures.

Molly Bee said...

She is one adorable little girl. Love the pic of Copper. Just went to a lecture yesterday by Patricia McConnel on what dogs (and other animals) think and feel. They are so much smarter than we ever give them credit for.