Monday, February 20, 2012

"Snowmobiling in MI"

Snowmobiling in Michigan did take place while I was visiting, but my part in the event was purely as photographer. ;)

Here is Patrick with Julie's snowmobile, which has the "sled" attached for Abigail. Not to worry, she will not be in there all by herself. Julie will be riding with her, plus Patrick installed a seatbelt in the sled as well, so they'll both be strapped in.

They didn't go on any woodland trails, but slowly went around their property. :)

Yes, Miss Kitty had to go along, too. Abigail rarely goes anywhere without Miss Kitty.

I was standing on the northeast corner of their property and they just emerged from the southeast corner, after making a wide loop behind their house and garage.

After unhitching the sled, they all went for a short ride on just the snowmobile.

It was a gorgeous morning.....just right for photo documenting. ;)

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