Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Weaving-Brethren, MI, and Madison, WI"

I had read about a "warping trapeze" on one of my Yahoo weaving groups. After reading more about them, I bought 2 of Katie Reeder Meek's books, "Warp With a Trapeze & Dance With Your Loom", keeping one for myself, and sending another to my daughter in law, Julie, who, you may remember, is now weaving on the Harrisville floor loom that I began weaving on with my adventure into weaving.

My hope was that my son, Patrick, would build her a warping trapeze, and while I was in MI visiting, Julie and I would warp her loom using the warp trapeze, sharing the 1st time experience together......which is exactly what we did. ;)

In the excitement of getting the trapeze set up and working, I'd forgotten to take photos of the beginning of the process and didn't realize until we were halfway completed that I needed photo documentation! :) The board that the warp is hanging over is an addition to the original design. I figured we needed it to allow us the same amount of tension on the warp as when it was hung over the board at the top. I believe that this warp is the BEST tensioned warp that I have ever been involved with in warping a loom. TRULY a wonderful experience!

Instead of building one myself, I had ordered one from Bruce, of Purrington Looms ( and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Here at home, I did add to my weaving equipment. My "warp stick catchers" from Glimakra (, arrived Monday afternoon and I attached them yesterday.

They fit nicely on my Oxaback Floor Loom ( and I now have not only a "warp stick catcher", but also a nice place to store those extra warp sticks not in use.

Now......if only the warp trapeze would arrive.........


Molly Bee said...

Wow! Looks like you shouldn't attempt to put together that trapeze without a net!

dc said...

You just loves all the toys! Hey I might have a chance to buy a Baby Wolf loom. Any opinion on them???