Friday, February 17, 2012

"Michigan Visit Continued......"

Another thing we did while I was visiting, was to buy a new mattress for the camper (guest house). Previously, I had taken the table down and kept the bed made in the booth, but after a few hours on those thinner pads, I found many pressure points on my body. Patrick measured the area with the couch pulled out and found a full sized mattress would be a perfect fit. So Saturday, he and I went to a local furniture/bedding store and came home with a new mattress. The campers couch pads were easily stored underneath the couch frame (that's them peeking out from under the blue comforter). Patrick removed the table's bracket from the floor and I now have that area set up as a "C" shaped couch, using a small table of Julie's as a coffee table/foot stool. The guest house continues to become more comfortable each time I visit. :)

"Connect Four" is a popular game with Abigail. Or I should say, the pieces are......she loves to fill the slots and then have them all fall at once.

She also has a small computer that will give her a head start on using a real laptop or desktop computer, too. The mouse works as well!

Abigail has a couple of magnet boards, similar to "Etch-a-Sketch", but newer versions/designs, that she loves, too. She thinks it great fun to erase Grandpa's drawings and giggles heartily. Of course, I add shocked sounds/looks that only urge her to do it again and again. ;)

This is another of her magnet based screens. She really has pretty good motor skills already.

Giggle and tickle time!

I love the sound of little kids laughter. I kiddingly told the kids that they were torturing her with all the tickles (which we did when our kids were little, too), but you know as well as I do, when the tickling stops, the little ones come back for more. ;)

Tomorrow, more of my Michigan visit...........


dc said...

hmmm, I think you are one proud Grandpa!! And I think that mattress will get used fairly regular in the future.:)

Molly Bee said...

What a cutie that little one is. Glad to hear you were MIA because of a family visit and not because you got this cold everyone has.