Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Warp Stick Catchers For My Ashford........."

I liked how well my new pair of warp stick catchers worked on my Oxaback floor loom, that I decided I wanted something similar on my Ashford table loom, too. Having the warp sticks clatter to the floor is pretty annoying. ;) They aren't available for purchase, so I had to make this for myself.

For my prototype, I used 2 metal book ends, tied to a cross piece of the looms stand, located underneath the warp.

After making sure warp sticks would drop and be caught properly, I took measurements and went shopping. ;)

At the hardware store, I bought some door trim and some thin screws. I wanted to use screws because I thought small nails might work loose too easily. One of my requirements of this warp catcher, was it needed to be easily added and removed when the loom was to be folded for storage.

This is my end product. I also added some felt pads so wood sliding against wood wouldn't scratch the loom stand.

The back of the catcher rests on a cross piece of the loom stand.

While the front pieces rest on one of the main support cross pieces of the loom stand.

I am able to use the catcher to hold all of the extra warp sticks that are not in use, too.

It occurred to me the other day, that there are so many things that I don't know about weaving. Not only in using all 8 shafts for patterns, but just how much there is out there that make weaving easier, like these warp stick catchers. So many accessories that I see when checking out weaving sites, that I have no idea how to use or even what they are used to do. This old dog has many more years (hopefully) of finding out and adding to my weaving equipment and capabilities. Good times to look forward to, eh?


dc said...

How clever is this?? I thought I did good finding a used venitin blind and took it apart to use the slate for WHEN I cut my secions off my loom. I see you have nice wooden slats. All looks so professional!

Barb said...

I know you think you are a weaver, but I think you might actually be a loom designer. You do such cool stuff!