Monday, March 5, 2012

"Barb's Retirement Party......"

Our friend, Barb, retired from the UW last Friday. Also, on her last day of work, Barb's colleagues organized a very nice retirement party to honor her time with them.

Here is a photo of the beautiful (AND delicious!) cake that they'd ordered for the event.

Here is Barb, happily posing for Don's photo documentary of her party. ;) My small blog post uses only a very small fraction of the photos he took, which was 200+. The man does love photography!

Barb's mother, Shirley, sister Sarah, and brother in law, Rick, also attended Barb's momentous occasion. I'm thinking the woman in the brown sweater behind Shirley, must have been having "retirement envy". ;)

Barb's sons, Nick and Adrian, also were in attendance.

As was Adrian's partner, Marie.

Gwen, Geoff's daughter, came in bearing "a bit of Spring". Spring was sorely needed that afternoon. Madison was in the beginning stage of a repeat of the previous Friday's weather.....another winter storm of heavy, wet snow.

Geoff, Barb, Shirley, and me, in the calm, "after" the party. Barb is very well liked and her party was very well attended.

In this photo, Barb's son, Andrew, who had also attended the party, had left earlier to get ready for a bus trip to LaCrosse, and stopped back to say goodbye once again.

Shirley and Barb, now both retired from state service, leave behind Andrew and Adrian, their families 3rd generation working for the State of Wisconsin. ;)

Best wishes for Barb's new chapter of her life!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

How wonderful for her to get out while the getting is good!

(I think Steve and I are like the gal in the background with retirement envy face!) LOL

Karen and Steve
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Barb said...

Michael, thanks for the lovely post! You really captured the spirit of the event. 200+ pics? WOW! I can't wait to see them.

One small correction: Shirley worked for the state but not for the University, so you might want to say, "Shirley and Barb, now both retired from state service, leave behind Andrew and Adrian, their family's 3rd generation working for the State of Wisconsin."

It was a lovely, lovely event that I will always remember fondly. I was so pleased that both you and Don were in attendance.