Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Canoecoppia 2012"

Don and I attended the annual canoe/kayak show, Canoecopia, on Sunday. As expected, it was a great experience. As some of you may remember, I bought Don a Wilderness Tsunami 120 kayak for his 60th birthday (http://madcitymike.blogspot.com/2011/05/maiden-voyage-on-lake-wingra.html), and myself a Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Solo, but there were a few accessories that we wanted to check out.

Here is Don looking at a teardrop trailer that is manufactured in Wausau, WI. No, this is not one of the accessories we are considering. ;)

Nor is this, but we both find this trailer VERY intriguing. This little and lightweight beauty is manufactured in North Carolina by SylvanSport. http://www.sylvansport.com/ We'd seen this before at other Canoecopia's, but it continues to draw us back for another look. ;)

After cranking the top up to its high point, the "tent" is set up using only 3 fiberglass poles, 2 of which are seen in this photo.

The back wall is solid and drops down from underneath the top when it is in it's highest position. The back wall holds the entire tent in place between it and the underside of the top when the trailer is to be pulled.

It has a very open and airy feeling when sitting inside.

This shows the trailer in one of it's pulling positions. Check out their website to see all of its positions/features......."if" I've peaked your interest. ;)

We had a great time and yes, we did purchase a few accessories. We both bought 2 wheeled trailers which will make pulling our boats from the car to the water much easier, and Don also found shoes that he can wear in the water as needed. I held back. ;)

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dc said...

I love those little campers. Could prob pull with a motor cycle, esp. the 3 wheelers.