Monday, December 1, 2008

"Thanksgiving Day"

Don and I drove down to Des Moines, IA, for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner was at cousin Carol's and her husband Larry's house, who live outside of Saylorville, IA.

We stayed with his cousin Sherry, pictured here with the new knitted/felted bag I did for her. Inside, there is a small knitted/felted cell phone holder as well.

This is Sherry's mother, Jodie, and her husband Roy. Jodie is holding great grand (?) niece Evelyn, who is 5 months old, and a twin, daughter of Jenny and Paul. Jenny is one of Carol's and Larry's daughters.

Carol flanked by daughters Kelly (on the left) and Jenny.

The twins Camryn and Evelyn. They were a delight all day long.

Jodie and Sherry perusing "The Book". Don is in the process of organizing and editing the family photo album that he put together for the family reunion last July. He'd received more photos at the reunion that will have to be inserted, and when the task is completed, the family album will be a 2 volume set. :)

More tomorrow.......


Maniphone said...

A cell phone holder? That's pretty darn cool! I'm impressed.

MollyBeees said...

Oh my Gosh! That Baby Bumper Buggy photo is precious! Great bag!