Thursday, December 18, 2008

"An Early "Tis the Season" with Rosa and Becky...."

Tuesday, I picked up Rosa from school again. We'd planned on getting together last Tuesday, but when that horrible ice/snow storm was predicted, we canceled, and re-scheduled for this week, also planning on having Becky and Rosa stay to eat with us as well. Don and I "had plans".......

Our "plans" included a few "Tis the Season" gifts for the 2 of them. :)

The first one we had Rosa open was one of the little miniature sweater ornaments for their tree.

Then....the big guns! :) We got Rosa an art kit that had colored pencils, markers, water colors, and other drawing supplies, all organized in one "easy to carry" container.

We couldn't be rude and leave Becky out, so she also got a little "something" for her taste buds. :)

We're discussing the art kits contents. Next time Rosa comes over, we'll be doing some watercolor painting.

Don trying to "break" the seal around the art kit contents. That seal was meant to last and never be broken!!!

Of course, the story of getting Don to humor me and try on the "trapper" hat came up, so Rosa did a little modeling, too. :)

We had a very nice evening with Becky and Rosa, and look forward to many more.

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