Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Shake Rag Alley........"

Don and I drove down to Mineral Point, WI (http://www.galenfrysinger.com/mineral_point.htm), last Saturday night, to attend the performance of "The Christmas Carol", which was being performed at Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts (http://shakeragalley.com/). What was unusual about this performance, was that it was being done as a one "man" play......the actor, Coleman. We'd attended a Edgar Allen Poe reading of the "Raven" a few years ago, that was directed by Coleman, so we'd heard of him prior to this performance. He was EXCELLENT! He "became" 26 different characters throughout the play, each with his/her own voice and facial expressions. We had a wonderful time....well.....mostly. The performance was opened by a person playing a mandolin, who, shall we say, was not the most talented, but tolerable. Perhaps it would have been more easily tolerated, to have not played as long and started the play a little sooner. You can imagine our thoughts when we saw him stride up the aisle after the intermission to begin yet again! Aside from the mandolin playing, we had a wonderful evening. As part of our "ticket package", we had dinner at Cafe 4, which too, was very enjoyable. All in all, our night out was well enjoyed!

Below, we have "Coleman" in costume.

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