Monday, December 22, 2008

"Sean is Visiting!"

My youngest son, Sean, is visiting us this week, staying through Christmas and flying back Friday, to Traverse City, MI, where he now lives. He flew in yesterday....a truly long ordeal, that ended with him arriving here, at the house, close to 1 AM this morning.

His day started with an early "scheduled" flight out of Traverse City, MI. That did not happen. He said the weather was clear but they were delayed due to weather. That was the beginning of "the trip from Hell". Not having flown out on time, of course, set his whole flight itinerary off, and he was not able to make his connecting flight to Madison, from Minneapolis, when he finally arrived in Minnesota. After scheduling flights to Madison, and then having them canceled, he was finally able to schedule 2 flights.....1 to Milwaukee, with a later flight here to Madison. The flight from Milwaukee was also delayed, but he finally got in to Madison close to midnight. Unfortunately, his luggage did not, so we hope that it will arrive on one of this morning flights from Milwaukee.

Sean just graduated from culinary school and is now a full fledged chef! He has an interview with the chef at The Madison Club this morning. He only has the clothes he arrived in, so he will have to call and explain the situation. I do have some clothes he can borrow, but nothing in the pant line, unless he wanted to go in "sagging". :)

We are grateful that he arrived safe and sound and are looking forward to his visit, which I am sure will go by too quickly.


rakiura said...

I have some clothes that he can use if his luggage is still lost! -Mike

MollyBeees said...

Oh my gosh! Keeping my fingers crossed for a successful interview. How great would it be to have him back in town, eh? Good Luck Sean!