Friday, December 19, 2008

"Wool and Fur...."

After being "chastised" in an email this morning, by my wonderful cousin, Jill, who lives in Grand Rapids, MI, for not getting my entry written early enough this AM, I figured I'd better write it ASAP! :)

The reason for the delay was because Don did not go to work today, so we did not get up quite as early. He has not felt good since his flu shot earlier in the week. Last year he was sick afterwards and swore he would not get one this year, but he relented after reading so many articles about how important it is. So, he may be paying for the "little buggers", yet again, with not feeling well.

Below, is my sorting of what needed to be wrapped for here, or wrapped/packaged to be sent in the US mail. Not a huge amount of things knitted this year due to my wanting to learn to spin my own yarn, then knit. The process takes a "little" longer this way. ;)

I'd mentioned and shown you a photo of Don's new "Trapper" hat, but you have not seen what he looks like when he walks out the door for his walk to work. Multiple layers, under both "top" and "bottom". :)

A close up of how little the area that is left open for his eyes to see/show.

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