Monday, December 15, 2008

"Miniature Knitted Ornaments..."

These are this years knitted ornaments that I make for the kids and hostess gifts (if there is a need for one). I found this pattern for miniature sweaters actually more than a year ago, but didn't use it last year. I had found another pattern that I wanted to do instead. :) was time to bring it forth and knit! ;)

A photo of that "Little Old Hanger Maker" :) (the dome continues to get shinier and more sparse each year....sigh)

Don calls this photo "Father Christmas". I am finishing up the last knitted present that had to be completed before wrapping them all and putting them in the mail. The plan is to have everything wrapped and packed today, so that I can post the packages tomorrow.


Amy said...

Copper and you look so nice and cozy.

MollyBeees said...

The sweaters are just darling! I am working on tiny little mittens!

Maniphone said...

What cute little sweaters! I totally love them! And you do look like Father Christmas!